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and then you have to put on more wood.

A cosy blanket on the settee, the fire glowing in the stove, everything's blissfully warm, and there's music playing in the background. Everything's perfect. And then comes this moment: "Darling, can you get some wood in? I think the fire's going out."

Open-fire stoves are magic. No other piece of furniture creates a comparably cosy atmosphere. The only snag is the storage and the constant putting on of more firewood. That needn't be so. Union fireplace briquettes can provide relief here.

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A nice

turns into perfect time out.

Whether with friends, your partner or alone with a cuppa: when you use fireplace briquettes, you give yourself a break not only from humdrum affairs, but also from putting on more wood, since fireplace briquettes are guaranteed to glow longer than logs. That's the way to enjoy your break in front of the stove: dream longer, read longer, have a longer chat, stay longer.
The longer – the better.


natural and energy efficient.

With long refuelling intervals and a pleasantly calm play of flames, the traditional UNION brand has been ensuring cosiness since as long ago as 1904. And energy efficiency can be measured! The calorific value of 10 kg natural UNION fireplace briquettes is equivalent to:

• approx. 2 knitted-fabric (Raschel) sacks @ 12.5 dm3 mixed logs
• 5.5 L domestic fuel oil
• 6.3 m3 natural gas
• 11.3 kg wood briquettes
• 11.6 kg wood pellets


UNION fireplace briquettes – natural – made in Germany

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